You already know that sportsYou simplifies communication between teammates, coaches and families in one comprehensive platform. But did you know that it also serves as a way for teams to stay connected once the season is over?

Being a part of a team builds relationships on and off the field between players, coaches and parents. It is well established that when the season is over the friendships continue – and sportsYou can be used to keep everyone connected and to grow friendships.

During any particular sport season, whether it be baseball in the spring or basketball during the winter, the sportsYou app keeps teammates, friends and families connected all year long - even after the winning touchdown.

#1 Keep posting to your feed

Our team and group selection contains everything you need to keep you in the loop with your team once the season is concluded. sportsYou gives you all the useful and necessary tools you need through group chat, document sharing and schedule management to touch base with your circle.

#2 Use sportsYou chat

These tools are ideal for off season activities such as group workouts or party plans with your teammates – rather than creating mass group texts, in hopes that everyone from the team was included. sportsYou creates a supportive environment for offseason activities which allows every player, coach and family member feel a sense of belonging to a community.

#3 Share your memories

Sending videos, pictures and files are now easier to share than ever before! sportsYou allows you to share memories to your teammates, friends and family efficiently, which directly results in stronger relationships.

#4 Use smart tools to stay organized

Frustrated by time-consuming scrolling through your camera roll to find the winning away game from last year? No more frustration! sportsYou keeps all of your pictures in an organized fashion, so digging for pictures in your phone’s cluttered camera roll is now a thing of the past.

With sportsYou, your team relationships, your ability to communicate and your memories live on - even though the season has ended!