Now you can keep an important post always pinned to the top of your team/group feed to save everyone time!

Keep your website link, schedule, important documents, polls, announcements, and motivational posts easy to reach by pinning a post on the feed!

Team and group admins can β€œpin” a post from the team/group feed to stay always at the top. A pinned post appears before all other posts on the feed for all members of the team/group. The post stays pinned until you pin a different post or unpin the post.

How to Use Pinned Posts

If you are an admin of a team or group you can pin a post on your team/group feed. On a team or group feed, scroll to the post you would like to keep at the top of the feed.

Next, select the more options button (the three dots) in the top right of the post.

Then from the menu, choose β€œPin to Team/Group Page” and confirm. The post will now stay at the top of feed until you pin a different post!

Try This New Feature Out Today

When you have information that your team or group needs to see first, try out this new easy-to-use feature now available on the sportsYou app and the website.

You and your team or group can download the sportsYou app for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play.