It's harder than ever to navigate all of the apps for sports teams. Choosing the right apps creates a better experience for your coaches, athletes and parents. We broke down the features that are most important for coaches and gave our top apps for each! 


sportsYou - Give coaches the control! With sportsYou coaches organize athletes and family members all in one place. This makes it easy to message one person or post information to multiple teams at once - saving time. With security options such as “approving posts”, “disabling replies”, and “disabling comments” sportsYou provides coaches with the control they want for all of their team communications. All of this makes sportsYou the best communication tool for your teams.

Price: Free


Media Storage

Google Photos – A very popular app that gives users the ability to store, share, view, and edit photos and videos. Google Photos is a very secure app that works for both Android and iOS devices. However, Google Photos isn’t designed for group sharing. To share media with another person you send a private link. A concern is Google’s ability to access your content and potentially target you for specific ads based on your media.  

Price: Free up to 15 GB



Google Calendar: – Coaches schedule sports team practices, games and various events all in one place. Google Calendar makes it easy to create multiple calendars and allow users to sync to a different personal calendar.

Price: Free


Game Statistics

Hudl Assist: - Used by sports teams for video analysis and statistics. If you have the budget, Hudl Assist provides a full breakdown of stats and situational plays within 12-24 hours. This advanced feature saves coaches hours of film work throughout a season and makes it easy to organize and filter clips.

Price: Hudl: $900- $3300* per year

Hudl Assist: $900 - $2,200 per year

* prices will vary based on contract


Social Media Design

Gipper – Do you want to make your school’s athletic programs look better to the public? Gipper helps even the least tech-savvy people design professional and branded content for their school. Brand your sports programs like the professionals do.  

Price: Free, $625, $1500


Best All-In-One App 

sportsYou - Yes, we’re here to toot our own horn. Not only is sportsYou the most versatile team sports app, but it also has a team calendar (can sync to Google Calendar) that makes it easy to keep everybody up to date with the latest changes to practices, games and other events. sportsYou also has a media feature that allows team members to upload photos and videos to share with everyone. All this makes sportsYou the best app for coaches.


sportsYou Video, our brand-new video storage and editing software gives coaches the ability to save, edit and share video with their team. We made this feature as affordable as possible so that all programs have an equal chance to store and share their game film. You can test it out yourself by creating a free account at and clicking the “Start Free Demo” button.


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