The age old idiom “A picture’s worth a thousand words” is low - we lean more towards a million. sportsYou makes sharing pictures easier than ever and keeps them in an organized fashion so that you can find the exact picture you’re looking for every time. Here are some of the ways sportsYou guides in staying connected while keeping you and your inner circle close together.

We wish we were there!

More often than not, family members cannot make it to every single game, especially if they are away games.

If Dad missed his daughter’s winning goal yesterday, he’ll be able to find the uploaded pictures of the victory with just a tap on the sportsYou app!

By giving access to amazing picture moments, everyone feels included, and part of the moment.

Family comes first

Every once in a while we all enjoy taking out the old family photo album and sifting through memories with our loved ones. But, we now live in a time where our photo albums are locked in our phones or backed up to the cloud. Oftentimes there are events in our lives where we wish we had more pictures, but because we don’t they become more of a distant memory as time goes on. sportsYou allows you to retrieve pictures from memorable athletic events that you may have forgotten otherwise.

The more pictures of your sports teams and family on sportsYou, the more memories you can share together!

We’re in this together

When you share pictures on sportsYou, you are not just keeping a record, but rather you are helping build a stronger foundation for you and your community. With so many photo opportunities to partake in on a daily basis, everyone in your community is brought together through this memory building activity – and all you have to do is share pictures. Sharing pictures within your team or group is an act of generosity and caring. The more you share, the more everyone feels that wonderful sense of belonging - of being important!

Reliving your accomplishments all over again

Celebrating any achievement and our friendships can be relived over and over again by revisiting pictures from the past.

We think of our identities through pictures, and so it is important to capture joyful moments in our lives through pictures. The joyful memories of teammates, friendships, celebrations, games, action on a field or court, coaches and families come back to life instantly with just a glance of a picture. That’s the power of a picture.